GIJC19 Academic Track Reader

The Investigative Journalism Education Consortium is pleased to announce that all the research papers selected for the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2019 are now available in a reader.
The collection includes 25 papers, 17 of which were presented at the conference, and which were selected from a pool of nearly 70 submitted abstracts.

GuideStar and Foundation Center are Merging

The free non-profit document search engine GuideStar is merging with the Foundation Center — which has been gathering documents on foundations since 1956 — after a decade of getting to know each other. The current web addresses still work but eventually they will be at where there is more information on the merger.

Spatial Journalism Newsletter Features UIUC Associate Professor

Last week’s Spatial Journalism Newsletter by Amy Schmitz Weiss of the San Diego State University featured a trove of new developments in digital journalism. She highlighted a Medium post on the place-based consequences media is faced with today written by Nikki Usher of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IJEC’s home base. 

The newsletter also features pieces on reporting with satellite images and the latest developments in virtual reality

Uncovering Asia 2018: Investigating Crime

The largest ever gathering of investigative journalists in Asia took place in Seoul, Korea in October 2018 and now many of the tip sheets and presentations are available online.

During this year’s edition of Uncovering Asia, experts from across the globe explained how to investigate criminals and expose the money trails they leave behind. They taught the audience how to track smuggling ships, uncover money laundering networks, cover human trafficking and disclose organized crime networks.

UI System Repeatedly Denies Daily Illini FOIA Requests

Amid allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, The Daily Illini has filed six requests for documents relating to sexual misconduct claims.

All six requests have been denied, even when they were only for an aggregate number of complaints.

The requests were made to the University of Illinois System under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act over a period of eight months.

Uncovering Asia 2018: Data and Documents

In this four-part series, IJEC provides an overview of the presentations and tip sheets available online from the conference, which was attended by 440 journalists from 48 countries.

From making public information requests in Indonesia to the craft of web scraping, Uncovering Asia 2018 had many sessions on how to strengthen reporting by more and better use of data and documents. This second part of this series gives an overview of public information requests, leak platforms, finding documents and doing data analysis.

Uncovering Asia 2018: Investigative Reporting in Asia

The largest ever gathering of investigative journalists in Asia took place in Seoul, Korea in October 2018 and now many of the tip sheets and presentations are available online.

The sold-out conference had more than 60 sessions and more than 400 investigative and data journalists attended from 48 countries.

The talks ranged across many topics and the conference included a track of sessions of hands-on data journalism training.

Research: A Review of Studies Shows Increasing Online Threats to Female Journalists

While the U.S. journalism and its media community have been shocked by the murders of the newsroom staff of the Capital-Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, the attacks were the latest manifestation of the growing violence, harassment and hostility toward U.S. and international journalists.

This research tracks the studies, causes and commentary on the prevalence and rise of the threats, and the connections to social media and the current political environment.