The Investigative Journalism Education Consortium (IJEC) brings together the experience and knowledge of university journalism professors who teach investigative and data/computer-assisted reporting, write about those forms of journalism and oversee student stories. In addition, the consortium encourages collaborations among professors and students from different universities.

The consortium also showcases and links to investigative and data stories, especially those that are collaborative, and shares relevant syllabi and teaching tips.

We hope the consortium will help develop the next generation of investigative journalists who can see the local story and beyond and who can make the best use of new digital tools to do broader and better public service stories while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and credibility. It works with other nonprofit journalism organizations, particularly the Global Investigative Journalism Network and Investigative Reporters and Editors.

The consortium initially involved professors and students at universities in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin and embarked on several collaborations that also involved independent, non-partisan nonprofit newsrooms in the U.S.

Since its inception, the consortium has expanded to include professors and students internationally.

IJEC is based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It was begun with a generous $75,000 grant from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation in 2010.

To reach us by email, please contact:

Jelter Meers at jelter.meers@ijec.org

Brant Houston at brant.houston@ijec.org

Pam Dempsey at pamelagdempsey@ijec.org