Data Manuals

A list of data, CAR, and information security manuals and handbooks.

  • Online Manuals and Guides


Analytics Vidhya data analysis through coding manuals

KDnuggets data and coding tutorials


Github Tutorial to SQL using SQLite

NICAR guide to Google Refine

NICAR guide to NodeXL


‘Data Biographies,’ Heather Krause’s short guide to knowing your data and interpretation

GIJC 2015 guide to data research tools

ICIJ’s CAR and data tools and guides

School of Data’s online courses

Small Data Journalism’s comprehensive list of articles and guides


Information Security for Journalists

VPNMentor’s Online Privacy Guide for Journalists


World Federation of Science Journalists:

Tools for science journalists

Science journalism resources


ProPublica’s Scraping for Journalism


Flowing Data

  • Free Online Handbooks

The Center for Investigative Journalism’s manual for data and CAR

Constantaras, Eva – ODECA Data Journalism Manual

Harris, Harlan; Murphy Sean & Vaisman, Marck – Analyzing the Analyzers

Manual for Latin-American Data Journalism

The opensource Data Journalism Handbook

Open Data Handbook

Wickham, Hadley – Advanced R (programming)

Winand, Markus – Use the Index, Luke (SQL)

Zacharski, Ron – A Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining

  • Handbooks

Bradshaw, Paul – Finding Stories in Spreadsheets

Bradshaw, Paul – Scraping for Journalists

Cohn, Victor – News & Numbers: A Writer’s Guide to Statistics

Cohen, Sarah – Numbers in The Newsroom: Using Math and Statistics in News

DeFleur, Margaret H. – Computer-Assisted Investigative Reporting: Development and Methodology

Downey, Allen B. – Think Stats

Downey, Allen B. – Think Bayes

Garrison, Bruce – Successful Strategies for Computer-Assisted Reporting

Herzog, David – Mapping the News: Case Studies in GIS and Journalism

Houston, Brant – The Investigative Reporter’s Handbook

Houston, Brant – Computer-Assisted Reporting

Huff, David – How to Lie with Statistics

Jones, Fred Vallance & McKie, David – Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Comprehensive Primer

LaFleur, Jennifer & Lehren, Andy – Mapping for Stories: A Computer-Assisted Reporting Guide

Meyer, Philip – Precision Journalism: A Reporter’s Introduction to Social Science Methods

Paul, Nora & Hansen, Kathleen A. – Computer-Assisted Research: Information Strategies and Tools for Journalists

Paulos, John Allen – A Mathematician Read the Newspaper

Rogers, Simon/ The Guardian – Facts are Sacred: The Power of Data

Tufte, R. Edward – The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Wilhoit, G. Cleaver & Weaver, David H. – Newsroom Guide to Polls and Surveys

Wong, Dona M. – The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics: The Do’s and Dont’s of Presentating, Data, Facts and Figures

Yau, Nathan – Data Points: Visualization That Means Something

Yau, Nathan – Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization and Statistics