Data for Journalists Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Database Managers, Part 1: Searching and Summarizing

Here are exercises for this chapter and links to resources for using database managers to search and summarize data. 

Also, here are links to some of the datasets. The tables (files) are Candidates and Givers from U.S. campaign finance data.

You will want to download the software DB Brower for SQLite on choosing either the Windows, Mac or Linux version.

You can import the candidate and giver files into DB Browser or open the two files in the SQL file.

Also included is a dataset of gun dealers in Missouri.

  • Exercises

Suggested exercises include:

1. Download and import a database of registered gun dealers from the U.S. state from the Bureau  of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms from the bureau’s website.

2. Do a query in the data search for city.

3. Do a query in which you group and count the gun dealers in each city in the state. Sort the records from the highest to lowest number of gun dealers in each city.

4. Do a query in which you  group and count gun dealers by ZIP code in the state. Sort from highest to lowest.

  • Data

CSV file for Chapter 6 data: Candidates

CSV file for Chapter 6 data: Givers

SQL file for Chapter 6 data: Political Contributions


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