EIJC and Dataharvest 2017 Tipsheets


In case you missed the 2017 European Investigative Journalism Conference and Dataharvest, or simply want to go over what you saw there, many of the presentations and tip sheets are available online.

Some highlights are the wrap-up articles of keynote speakers Nicholas Diakopoulos and Eduoard Perrin. Their talks tackle the timely issues of how algorithms influence which articles pop-up on social media and the trickiness of leaking documents.

Diakopoulos’ full presentation is also available. Other presentations range from using Neo4j graph databases and personal data “wobbing”(using FOI requests) to a journalist’s introduction to encryption, which includes a handout and tools.

If you feel inspired by the recent investigation into Europe’s invisible bank, take a look at this presentation on investigating European finances.

Also available are data sets and exercises from the hands-on sessions. Karrie Kehoe’s Introduction to Command Line will show you how to use that black box to optimize the time you spend in front of your computer screen. Be sure to check out the hands-on guides to text mining and using Leaflet.js

The conference’s Facebook and Youtube pages also feature videos from presentations such as the Lightning Talks by Arun Karki and Max Harlowe.

IJEC will soon feature presentations from the Train the Trainers part of the conference, which featured talks by Helena Bengtsson, Brant Houston, and Nils Mulvad. They present different insights into the best ways to teach data journalism to reporters and students.

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