East Asia & Pacific Programs


Whole Region

  • DataLEADS

India-based DataLEADS organizes boot camps and provides data services to outlets across Asia.



Asia Pacific

  • The Dart Center Asia Pacific

“The Dart Center offers a range of educational, training and consultation services worldwide, developed in collaboration with leading trauma experts and news professionals. These include seminars focused on trauma and journalism reporting, newsroom management, specific news events and issues; on-site newsroom briefings and consultations; development of customized ongoing training and peer-support programs; and training trainers.”




  • School of International Journalism and Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing University Professor Zhan Jiang has talked at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

More info on professor Jiang can be found on our Contributors page.

Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Journalism and Communication

  • Sun Yat-Sen University School of Communication and Design

Sun Yat-Sen University features a journalism track in its undergraduate communication degree, which includes depth reporting. Zhan Jiang is and adjunct professor here.

Sun Yat-Sen University Undergraduate Communications Program


Hong Kong

  • University of Hong Kong

The Journalism and Media Studies Center at the University of Hong Kong teaches investigative reporting and has done various research projects on investigative and data journalism such as the OpenGov Project.

The University of Hong Kong also has an online learning platform, the Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, that features journalism courses.

University of Hong Kong Journalism and Media Studies Center

University of Hong Kong Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative



  • Waseda University

GIJN member Waseda School of Journalism “is dedicated to nurturing highly skilled professional journalists in the digital age. It is the first and only journalism school at the graduate level in Japan that promotes both the theory and practice of journalism. The School has set up an investigative reporting course that helps students to understand the powerful role of journalists as monitors who recognize the importance of bringing to light facts that have long been hidden from citizens.”




New Zealand

  • Massey University Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies at Massey University covers investigative journalism.

Massey University Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies



  • Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

The independent organization PCIJ “organizes training seminars, and offers the services of its journalism trainers, for news organizations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.”