Europe & Central Asia Programs

Belgium and the Netherlands

  • International Investigative Journalism Program

Journalism Fund, the Organization of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ) and Thomas More Mechelen have established the International Research Journalism Program.

Internationale Researchjournalistiek

IRJ provides teaching and training by experienced reporters and experts. It focuses on investigative cross-border journalism and how to publish international investigative collaborations.


  • Kaas & Mulvad

Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad founded Kaas & Mulvad in 2007. Their organization collects, analyzes and presents data for journalism purposes. They also teach and give presentations on data reporting.

Kaas and Mulvad Courses

  • Danish School of Media and Journalism

The Danish School of Media and Journalism provides investigative courses and is working on a new investigative program.

Danish School of Media and journalism


  • DW Akademie

The Deutsche Welle Akademie has a three-tier mission. They promote free and transparent media across the globe, provide training and have a masters degree in International Media Studies.

DW Akademie Media Development

DW Akademie Training

Master degree in International Media Studies


  • The University of Georgia

The School of Social Sciences at the University of Georgia runs the Journalism Program, with more than 300 students from all over the country. It is the most demanded educational program with a focus on investigative reporting.


  • Central European University

The Center for Media, Data and Society at CEU organizes various training and research programs related to data and journalism. CMD also provides consultancy, legal training and online courses.


  • University College Dublin

UCD has a data journalism professional certificate program at its School of Information and Communication Studies.

UCD ProfCert Data Journalism


  • Internews Kyrgystan

“Within the last two years, the office of Internews Network in Kyrgyzstan pays great attention to new media development, providing trainings to the journalists and young media people in Bishkek and regions of the country.”


  • Stockholm School of Economics Riga Centre for Media Studies

SSE Riga has a Media Management Program aimed to “help people who have launched or who direct independent news media outlets to develop sustainable business models.”

The university’s Centre for Media Studies is aimed at supporting education and research in Baltic media.


  • Norwegian Union of Journalists

The Norwegian journalism union provides training and workshops besides assistance with salary, employment, legal rights and freedom of speech.

Norwegian Union of Journalists education and training


  • Higher School of Economics

Moscow’s Higher School of Economics has a data journalism master’s program, Russia’s first dedicated data journalism degree.

  • Institute for Press Development Siberia

Sibirp provides training for journalists and citizens in Siberia. They have a page with training materials in Russian.

Training materials:

  • Institute of Regional Press

The Institute of Regional Press is “intended for journalists (mainly the North-West of Russia). They conduct awareness-raising training and seminars to improve professional skills”

  • Team 29

Team 29 is a Russian-based organization that provides legal protection and training for journalists.

“Our lawyers represent the interests of those who were unfairly accused of high treason, disclosure of state secrets, and espionage and protect editions who are being prevented from writing the truth about officials and the state.

Our journalists talk about how to survive in modern Russia. We wrote advice on how to behave during a search and questioning, how to extract information from government databases and how to protect data.”


  • University of Neuchâtel

The College of Journalism and Media features investigative and data courses.

United Kingdom

  • The Center for Investigative Journalism

The Center for Investigative Journalism offers courses and training in the U.K. and internationally at universities and NGOs. Their courses focus on “database journalism and Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR), advanced internet research, digital security and online anonymity, forensic accounting and financial document analysis, investigating offshore accounts and tax havens, using the Freedom of Information, hypothesis-based investigative writing and story-building, libel and privacy law, and covert recording.”


  • The Regional Press Development Institute

“RPDI has become a leading Ukrainian NGO supporting investigative journalism in Ukraine and maintaining the network of committed investigative reporters. Since 2007 it has conducted numerous investigative journalism trainings: basic and advanced levels, and special topics (abuse in land issues, environment, public procurement) for more than 550 journalists and follow-up assistance to investigations, as well as six annual all-Ukrainian investigative journalism conferences in 2008-2014 attended by 50-150 Ukrainian reporters each.”

Regional Press Development Insitute

  • Institute for Mass Information

The Ukranian Institute for Mass Information provides training as part of its mission to “facilitate development of the socially responsible journalism and improvement of media literacy.”

IMI Media Guides (Russian):

  • Internews Ukraine

“Internews-Ukraine activities aim at the development of independent and pluralistic media in Ukraine, raising the standards of journalists, improving the legislative framework that governs media relations, developing new media, establishing effective communication between mass media, public organizations and authorities, supporting European integration processes, the development of democracy and the foundations of civil society. The mission of the organization is to establish European values ​​in Ukraine through the establishment of successful media.”

  • Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law

The Centre for Democracy organizes different media educational programs for journalists and public activists